It’s not a retreat exactly,
it’s not an event exactly,
it’s not a festival exactly,
it’s not a convention exactly,
though it contains elements
of all these genres.

It’s something new,
it’s The Crossing

We want to create a magical setting for your journey

From the moment you arrive till the moment you leave:

Your heart will be touched by the care in the room,
Your senses will be enlivened and delighted by surprising sounds and sights,
Your mind will be opened and challenged by teachings and inquiries,
Your body will  be invited to move to music specially made for this journey,
Your soul will attract  relationships and deepen existing relationships.
You will struggle, you will wrestle, you will laugh, you will cry, you will feel resistance, you will surrender, you will sink into the velvet void,
you will feel the throb of life pulsing through you…

Welcome to the world of Homo Amor!

Daily schedule

07u15 - 08-00
Morning practice:
meditation/qi gong/yoga
08u00 - 08u45
Silent breakfast
09u00 - 09u30
Opening the heart
09u30 - 10u30
10u50 - 12u30
Embodiment exercises, reflection and sharing
12u30 - 14u00
14u00 - 15u40
Embodiment exercises, reflection and sharing
16u00 - 16u30
16u30 - 18u00
Embodiment exercises, reflection and sharing
20u00 - 21u30
Movement, dance and celebration