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Q: Are tickets refundable?

Our tickets are non-refundable in case of cancellation. We do allow tickets to be transferred. Please notice, all tickets are personalized. In case of change, send an email to with all information.

Q: Where can I park when arriving at the castle?

There is a free parking available at Kasteel De Berckt.

Q: Can I charge my electric car at the castle?

Unfortunately there are no chargers for electric cars at Kasteel De Berckt. But you can find public charger within 3 kilometers.

Q: Is this event accessibility for guests with reduced mobility?

Yes, rooms for people with reduced mobility are available.
Please contact to book your room.

Q: What if I have a harder time financially?

As The Crossing we will do our utmost to include everyone at our event. In case you are struggling financially contact us and we will discuss possible solutions together.